Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my owl arrived

My owl arrived last week. I posted about it to my blog, but forgot to post here.
thank-you Chrissie.

Hapy Halloween!

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

And a reminder- when you receive your package (if you haven't already), please post the haul here! I know I'll be sure to post mine when it arrives!

Its been great- see you next term!

Go Gryffindor!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Owls away!

I have really enjoyed this swap, thanks to Jenean for putting this all together, all the Prefects for stepping in to help, especially our Hufflepuff Perfect Prefect Adele who was wonderfully supportive, and Valerie who just made the whole thing fun!

HSKS3 swap

Stephanie in Ravenclaw your swap is on its way!!!

Cheers to all and sign me up for Round 4!

Proud member of Hufflepuff

Parcel from Germany

I got a parcel from Germany last week - we've had visitors since Thursday (my friend and her two little girls so rather busy!!) . I did take lots of pictures as I was unwrapping the parcel but unfortunately something happened to the camera and my hubby managed to re-format the card thus deleting my pictures grrrr.

So I think I found all the goodies and have taken a photo this morning (there was more chocolate....hahaha). If I've missed anything from the picture I apologise to Yvonne.

She sent some sock yarn which I think she dyed herself which is in pink and yellow, two little knitted bags in a similar yarn (the smaller one is perfect size for my Nintendo DS!!!) the Fawkes pattern which is one I've been thinking of trying for ages and will be perfect for the Gryffndor yarn. She also sent a little booklet of german patterns which has some really cool sock patterns...bamboo dpns, gorgeous stitch markers, bath pearls and german chocs with marzipan (already eaten) and some more dark chocolate (yum!)

Thanks for the parcel Yvonne!

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An Owl from Valerie

My Owl arrived from Valerie, but I haven't had time to post the pictures. It was full of lovely things, and the pictures will come soon! Thank you, Valerie!

The Owl carrying Slytheriny goods for my partner Paula takes flight tonight... or possibly very early tomorrow morning....

My owl came!!!

My wonderful package from Tia came last night and I was blown away. She sent me a most adorable Booga bag, two skeins of Lorna's Laces, handcrafted needles, a Cookie A pattern, a sock blocker keychain with yarn for a mini sock (I had to cast this on right away!), a beenie Hedwig and oodles of candy (tucked away in my bag)! Spoiled--I don't think the word even covers it!

Thank you SOOOO much Tia! I love everything you sent me and I had such a wonderful time emailing and getting to know you!

I had a great time during this swap and am looking forward to HSKS4-Thanks for all your hardwork Janeen!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Package Arrival

I received my package today from Sarah, who did SUCH a fabulous job. A gorgeous toe-up pattern, TWO sets of needles - including one that's a size 0 long enough to Magic Loop!! And ancillary goodies of beauty.

Nancy, yours will be out by Wednesday - I'm waiting on yarn from a lovely indie dyer who got very ill and a little behind. Not to worry, your owl will leave on time!!

Better image on my blog soon, when I conquer a few more of the technical difficulties that have plagued me through this exchange.

Again, thank you Sarah!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

THANK YOU!!! Mary Catharine!

I got my package yesterday from Mary Catharine!! It's so great. I love everything that she sent.

Here's a preview. If you want to see more pictures check on my blog.

It's so great!! Happy Swapping!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

The owl has arrived

I have been totally spoiled by the wonderful Tammy. My exchange gift arrived in the post today, and I am bowled over with delight. I took lots of pictures and will update my blog tomorrow with pictures and the 411. I just wanted to say thank you Tammy, you went above and beyond the swap expectations. Don't you just love this project bag in Ravenclaw house colours?

Just a tease, but she sent her own hand dyed Faery Fiber yarn (in colours that are to "dye" for), her esty shop is opening soon and I will certainly be stopping by. The strangest part was that I was checking out her blog the other day, not knowing she was my swap pal, and thinking that I had to have some of the yarn on the far right - just my colours.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dishcloth Winner!!

We have a winner for the contest! Angela was won with her rendition of the Harry Potter lightening scar. Congrats, Angela!! Your little giftie will go in the mail Thursday.

Thank you all who participated :) May these contests make more HP patterns available!!


I LOVE everything that I recieved and as you can expect all the candy is gone! But I really love everything! I'll admit the sock pattern is a little scary but I think when I finally get done with my Stole I'll be able to do lace socks with beads! The only question I've got is how do I use the big eye thingy? I know it's for threading beads on your yarn but I haven't got a clue how????? Thanks so much for being an awesome partner! PS I love the pens I use them all the time now!!!!!


The Owl is on it's way!


Your Owl has departed. Estimated time of arrival, 6-12 days. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And the Winner is!

I had just gotten out of the shower and realized I hadn't recorded the drawing yet. Hence why you don't see my face and why I am in PJs. You can Thank Grim for the awesome sound effects.

A special Congrats to the winner!

Also, thanks to all my Hufflepuff classmates. You have been terrific!

Sonia, Your OWL is 'Priority' Airborn...

I hope you enjoy it....

Hi Wendy

I sent your package yesterday, I hope the owl will deliver it fast from Germany to you...


I'm sending your package by Priority Owl today, you should have it soon!

Oh, Ravies...

Please let me know the following:

Have you sent your pal's box?

Have you received your pal's box?

What was your favorite part of this swap?

Any other thoughts?

Will you back for round 4?

It's been a joy to be your prefect. I hope you had fun, and I hope you enjoyed meeting new friends.

And finally, Neila was the winner for the final round of quidditch. I know we didn't have 100%, but I couldn't resist. I hope you enjoy your surprise. Please send me your address.

And (yes, again), Hettie was such a huge support for cheerleading that I have chosen her as the most studious of us all. I need your address as well.

Cate, your box will be going out in about a week. I have to travel for work, and I won't have time to get to the post office before then. I hope it's okay.

Melissa S.

Just wanted to let you know that I am sending out your package tomorrow. The owl will be the speediest that I can afford. I hope you like all the goodies!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Congrats to my fellow Hufflepuffs & I'm Sorry

Greetings Fellow Hufflepuffs and congrats on winning the cup. Second, let me appologize for being MIA this weekend. Yes, I posted twice on Friday once at 11 or so and later at about 6p. I was at work until 7 or 8p.m. and then cleaning out the inlaws house until 11p Fri/Sat and Sunday nights. I completely missed any posts over the weeekend - and I am sorry that we did not have 100% participation due to me.

While I am not posting excuses, I just wanted to let you know I was not pool side goofing off - I just had "life stuff" that had to be dealt with - again, I am sorry.

This has been a really fun swap group and I am having fun reading posts, blogs, etc. I just don't want any of my fellow housemates to think I am a total looooozzzzer for my lack of participation.

A quick blog post of a cut and paste email may have lead you to believe I was here and in front of my computer over the weekend.. nope - I had to cancel out on Knitting Circle and a class at my LYS that was paid for - again sorry for being the cause of less than 100% participation. Literally, tons of personal things have had to be cancelled or postponed due to family issues that are at "critical mass" this week. Just thought ya'll would want to know.

Congratulations to All

Hufflepuff, you certainly deserve the House Cup. It was a battle hard fought, and the best team came out on top. But, Ravenclaw, we put up a fight and can't hang our heads.

Congrats to all the teams and each player. There are no losers in this group!

This was my first HSKS and I definitely look forward to the next one. In the meantime, I'll continue with my Quidditch practice. The bruises should be healed by then and the swelling should be down. I may be looking on ebay for a good deal on a broom though... Hopefully I will have perfected knitting and looking for the snitch at the same time!

Well done Hardworking Hufflepuffs!

We won the House Cup!!! Brilliant!!! A huge thank you to all the Hufflepuffs who have worked hard and with enthusiasm this round of HSKS. Its been great fun being your Prefect and getting to know you all. I also want to say thank you to all the other houses for the healthy competition, and Jenean for organising everything.
I also want to announce that the award for outstanding contribution to Hufflepuff House goes to Laurie Ann. I will be sending your selection of gifts off shortly, and will also be sending you an email with details on how to liaise with the wonderful Debbie at Skein Queen for your custom dyed yarn. Well done Laurie Ann!

Congrats Hufflepuff!

I would like to extend all of Ravenclaws warm congrats to Hufflepuff for their fierce competition.


Kristy (my Hufflepuff), your box is going out today. Watch for the owl. Careful. He bites. ;)

The Cup!!!

AWESOME JOB HUFFLEPUFFS!! WOOOOOOT!!!! -=dances the cheerleader victory dance=-

Design Contest & Swap Wrap-up

For the design contest I would like to have two volunteers contact me. I would like to do the judging and announce a winner by Wednesday.

Friendly Reminder!
The end of the swap is just a few short days away! Please be wrapping up your packages and send them by the speediest owl. If you are unable to send your package by October 31st PLEASE email your pal. We are all going through life with it's many troubles, so don't be afraid to keep your pal abreast of what is going on in your life.

If there is anyone that suspects that they might not get a package please email me. I will try and make contact with your partner and maybe set you up with an angel if your partner falls through the cracks.

Angel Volunteers
This swap has seen the largest participation out of all the other swaps, and I don't foresee there being a need for a large number of angels, but if you are able to put together another package for someone, please contact me before Wednesday. Thank you!!

I think that's it, ladies. Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions! With every suggestion HSKS has become a better swap to participate in, so I appreciate all the feedback.

HSKS4 - Yes, there will be another one, however, I'm taking a break through the holidays. Sign ups for HSKS4 will begin in January. Keep your links to this site because announcements will be made here when the time arrives.

Thank you so much for your excitement, your participation, and for just having fun during this swap. You are awesome!!

The Wait Is Over . . . .

Ladies, I have to say there were a few heart stopping minutes as I was totalling the points for the Houses Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I wish I had some fanfare to play here. But, let me not delay any longer. I will let the numbers speak for themselves.

Quidditch 3 Scores

1st place - Ravenclaw 99%

2nd place - Slytherin 71%
(Includes 50 pt. bonus for 100% participation, way to go Slytherins!!)

3rd place - Gryffindor 69%

4th place - Hufflepuff 61%

Cummulative Scores for the House Cup

1st place - Hufflepuff 89%

2nd place - Ravenclaw 86%

3rd place - Gryffindor 69%

4th place - Slytherin 63%

Congratulations goes to


for winning the
HSKS3 House Cup!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thank you to Stephanie!

Thank you so much Stephanie - my fabulous package arrived on Friday. I got to open before I left for Rhinebeck (very inspiring - maybe that's why I bought so much LOL).


All the details are on my blog. It was all really great - you did a wonderful job on the bag and collecting all the fun goodies for me. Thanks!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Congrats and Way to Go, Ravies!!!

I am so beyond thrilled.

Cate, please email me your address so I can get your box out. In case you are curious, the ball winder and swift are the ones from Knit Picks. Still in the box. BRAND NEW!!! :) I hope you enjoy it. I'm so stinkin' proud of you and all Ravenclaws right now.

And we didn't have to bribe anyone....

The Snitch Has Been Found!!!

Congratulations go to Cate and the Ravenclaws!!! Woot!!! I will total up the points after I get to work tonight and will let you all know the totals and who has won the House Cup!!!!

By the way - for those of you waiting for your prizes - They will be mailed out around the middle of the week. Money has been very scarce around here :)

This time I've got it!


is this it?
nevermind.... this was last round, wasn't it?

Caren with a C

Your owl is on her way. She's got a long flight ahead of her from Cincinnati to California but she knows it is her 'priority!'

Snitch ???

Is this is ?

Just curious..


I think I am having trouble with my
computer loading. Has the snitch been released?


I've posted!

Go Slytherins!!!

Tupperware Is here!!
15%off for HSK swappers!
Contact me for details!

Ok Its Snitch Day!

Lets keep our eyes peeled today/tonight for the snitch
We could use the points. I know we can do it!

Let's go for the Snitch and 100% Ravenclaw

I'm sitting in a hotel on vacation writing about a contest... how crazy is that!!

Hi Ravenclaw witty women! My answers for round three are up.... are yours???

Let's go for the snitch and come out of second and in to first!!! I should be back from Bar Harbor in time to help seek out the evasive snitch! Who's with me!!??!?!!!

GO R A V E N C L A W S!!!!


Answers Up for Round Three!

Dear Ravenclaw Prefect:

As you know, I was up late last night finishing detention in the green house, cleaning out gutters and pulling old plants for permanent burial in the compost. However, I have now posted my answers and photo links on my blog, per your request.

From Florida to California

I received my (wow) package from my pal, Kristy, last week but Muggle business has kept me quite busy until now. I shared the spoils with my weekly knitting crew and it was unanimous...I was quite spoiled. For complete details, check out my entry. What you see here is only the beginning of what I received...

Come on Slytherin

we really need 100 % participation this time...

and to help incurage you, I will offer a skein of handpainted sock yarn in your choice of colors for one random person if we have 100% this time

unfortunately I have the same problem as the people in the UK, it will be in the middle of the night for me when the snitch is released

Sorry Gryffindor...

....but that takes out the UK seekers, if the snitch is released at the early end of that time slot then I might find it but 4pm Pacific Time is 11pm UK time - 8pm is 3 in the morning so I'm going to be in bed I'm afraid!

Release Time

Just so you ladies know, the Snitch will have a later release time this time. Please be looking for it between the hours of 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Trivia finally posted!

Just under the wire! Go Ravenclaw.


If we can get 100% participation again this time, I'm willing to share something from my stash with one luck Ravenclaw!


(Now, must wipe the sweat off my brow and get back to Quidditch practice.)

Thank you Natalie!!

Natalie you went above and beyond! Thank you so much I love everything!! You can check out everything over on my blog THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Done too!

I posted mine this morning! Go Gryffindor!


My Answers are up now. Only two Gryffindors left now! Go Gryffindor!!!

3 to Go!

Go Gryffindor!!! Only 3 more- then we're at 100%!!!


We're SO CLOSE to our 100%! I'm holding my breath until I turn blue (and either bronze or silver) until we do it again! Let's all get those trivia answers posted!

My bum is numb from all the extra Quidditch practice. I'm starting to think our prefect's idea of bribing the scorekeeper might be easier.

COME ON RAVENCLAW! Destiny awaits us!

Hey Hufflepuffs!

We're doing good! We almost have full participation! We need one more person to post their questions and pictures, so I suggest blowing up her mailbox! =P

Just kidding..


next Slytherin

okay, I just found some time to finish my trivia

Come on Slytherin, we can still make it

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Let's GO Slytherins!!!!

Come on my fellow Slytherins let's get our points up by getting 100% And maybe find the snitch too!!!!!!!!

Gryffindors of the World, Unite!

My count is Only 6 more Gryffindors to post. Come on Team.
Oh, Gryffindor, you make me proud.
You need to stand up and yell out loud.
"We are the team that will catch the snitch
'Cause we are the team that is so rich
with talent and love for one another."
This is what I'll tell my mother:
Go Gryffindor! Post That Trivia!

We Rock!

...and another Hufflepuff Trivia is posted!

Another Hufflepuff Posted!

(And not at the last minute!! ;)

Another Gryffindor Trivia Completed!

I know it took me a good afternoon but it's up! I'm done with the trivia!

Go Gryffindor!

Let's go Ravenclaw!

We can do it!! Post those answers and be ready to find that snitch! Let's get 100% again!


The prefect is posted! Go Gryffindor!!!


Another Hufflepuff has posted!

Thank you Brooke for my wonderful sock kit! Love everything and it was so thoughtful and carefully put together. Love the knitted bag and treats and yarn and patterns and glasses and...and...and....THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Trivia Posted

This Hufflepuff's Trivia is posted :D

Trivia Posted

Got my answers up on my
blog Have a great day!!

Go Ravenclaw, let's Get R Done!

Got mine posted :-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Hufflepuff down

My trivia answers are up. I'll see you all Saturday for "Snitch Watch 3."

Trivia posted

Go Go Gryffindor - my trivia's posted!

Thank you, Sandy

Missing the rest of the fun along with Pepper... Stop by the blog for the full details!!!
Thank you, Sandy. It was amazing, and it arrived at the perfect time. I am very excited to make socks for the first time. Let's hope they fit. :)

Let's Get This Done, Ravies!

I know we have some missing in action, but I know of them. So, for all that are able to participate, the gift is a surprise, but it's worth it. I promise.

HOWEVER!!! If we pull into first by finding the snitch or bribing the scorekeeper, the Ravenclaw that does that for us will get a swift and ball winder. :)

Let the fun begin!

I'm all set

I've checked my work and turned it in! Ready for the Quidditch Match!!!

Hufflepuffs for the Cup!!

Gryffindor the Great!

I have posted!!!! GO GRYFFINDOR!

Another Ravenclaw done!

I just got my trivia and pictures posted. Time to pack for Rhinebeck!!!!!!


Ya! My Trivia is Done

Go Gryffindor

Another Ravenclaw finished

My trivia is up!!!!
Lets go Ravenclaw!!!!!!


Hey Hufflepuffs! Are you out there ?
Please here me when I say!

It's important that we all chip in,
Get your homework posted today!


I want 100% Participation
and a 3rd Snitch under out belts!!!

Your Cheerleader


Let's Go Ravenclaw!

My answers are posted!!


Yea!!!! Kati has her trivia posted- so she is the winner of the Empress needles for Gryffindor House!!! Congrats!

When does the Quidditch start?

So I was hoping to be first Gryffindor to post my answers but it's now 11.30pm here in the UK and I have to go to bed...been checking the blog all evening for the questions but still nothing :(

Thank you Jen C!

HSKS 3 Package

Thanks to my pal Jen C. It arrived last week and I only have the one picture but I assure you it was very nicely wrapped and arranged in the box. I'm just impatient and bad at taking photos before I rip the wrappings off.

Thanks so much! I love everything!

Come on Hufflepuffs!!!

Calling all Hufflepuffs! The finish line is in sight so lets keep up the good work and hold onto the lead. We need 100% participation again this round, and it would be nice if one of our star seekers were on top form again this Quidditch match. Hufflepuff for the Cup!

Hufflepuff Prefect

Gryffindor Reminder

Remember there are prizes on the line for those in Gryffindor House! Email me when you post your answers- the first posted gets a prize(I'll use the time-stamp on your email to indicate you were first- so if you don't email me right away- and someone else might get to me first)!!! Also, email me when you post your Cheerleader comments on other house member's blogs!

Let's Win the CUP!!!


I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

Are we ready Ravenclaw?

It's time to make that final run toward number 1, Ravenclaw! We can do it!! I'm ready; are you?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Got my Package

THANK YOU MANDY!!!!!!! Your sooooo awesome I LOVE everything in my package and can't wait to get started with the hand dyed yarn that she dyed for me it's soooooo pretty! Thank you again your great! Please check out my blog to get a picture because blogger is being silly right now so check it out!

Teaser for Mandy!!!

Your owl has been sent this morning. Hope you like your sock kit. Just thought I'd send a little teaser for you!!

Well Done Sarah!

Well done to Sarah for winning this round of our House competition at Gryffindor!

Also, a big thank you to Devin for being a wonderful prefect and organising some great contests for us all here in Gryffindor house.

Three cheers for our prefect -

Hip Hip.......

Hip Hip.......

Hip Hip.......

Monday, October 15, 2007

Congrats to Sarah!

Sarah won Gryffindor Trivia this time- with all correct answers (we had only 2 members with all correct answers). For those in other houses that were playing along- and envying the yarn- the answers (what I was looking for at least) are now posted on my blog.

Gryffindor's see your email for an important announcement about INCENTIVES for participating in this round of Quidditch. We are still in this thing!!!


Question for Everyone

I just finished knitting my very first pair of socks and, needless to say, they won't be the last! I love them! I'm just curious who uses dpn and who uses circular needles and why.

Kati, your post has been sent!!!

Be watching for your owl, your post was sent this morning! I hope you like it!!!


It was like Christmas in my house this evening....

Look what an amazing parcel Adele sent to me!
More details over on my blog. Thanks Adele, it really is the best parcel in the world.


Hey, Ravenclaw, it's time!
Let's do it one more time.
Let's do our best,
and show the rest
exactly how it's done!


Let's get 100% again and find the next snitch!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Go Gryffindor Team.
You can win the Game.
Try as you might
Get your answers all right.
Then no one will take the blame.
Go Gryffindor Team!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gryffindor Trivia POSTED

OK Ladies, the trivia is posted at my blog, I also emailed it to each of you- if you haven't gotten it by morning- check your spam folders. This is the prize- so make sure you email me your answers!!!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Hallowwen Plans... ???

I know Harry Potter and Halloween do not necessarily have to go together, but I was curious what a bunch of crafty ladies such as us do for Halloween...?

For those of you not in the U.S., do you/your country celebrate and what traditions do you keep? If not Halloween, anything autumnal like baking apple pies and taking scenic drives and leaf-peeping?

In my house, we get a little Halloween happy... I've written a few blogs about it if anyone wants to see. But I also wondered what others do.


Gryffindor Trivia will be posted on my site tomorrow(Saturday) evening- instead of Sunday morning. I realized that giving you 36 hours for movie trivia might not be enough time. So, please be watching for the email- or check my blog.

Thanks for all your work!

Gryffindor for the House Cup!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thanks Hettie!!!

Really should of posted here sooner, been a little brain fried lately. But, thanks for a great swap package Hettie. Details and pics on my blog. Wonderful and generous swap!!!

Jen C

Ps my owl flew away on Wed to Bronwyn, hope she likes!

Thank you so much Wendy!

Hufflepuff Haul!

I want to say a huge thank you to Wendy for sending me the most perfect HSKS3 swap parcel! You have been so generous and thoughful, and put a great deal of thought and effort into my parcel and I just want to say I love it all! My bag is absolutely amazing and so well made. There are lots of pics and details over on my blog. Thank you so much Wendy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

And the winner is...

Laurie L! Yes, you smart Ravenclaw, you have won a gift certificate to Robyn's Nest. Please send me your information via email. If it is okay, I will just email you your certificate for immediate use since she has the fab option. If you want to browse the store until then, it's I love it, and right now, she has Briggs and Little where you can get their anniversary twist for 1.50 CAD after you buy two skeins of their other yarn.


For the next round, I will be giving out something really good. So, make sure you all participate!!!!

Attention Ravenclaw Heather!

Since Ravenclaw had 100% participation (woo hoo!!) in round two of Quidditch, I ceremoniously held a drawing last night for a winner of some yarn stash goodness... and Heather (a.k.a. Auntly H.), you've won!!

Please email me with your info and I'll get this fabulous prize (said like the Price is Right announcer) right out to you!
Congratulations Heather!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Laurie Ann Rocks!

Laurie you are fantastic! Rock on Hufflepuff!



Hufflepuff's in the lead! Awesome job to the Hufflepuffs that posted their trivia and picture hunts. Also Congrats to Lauria Ann catching the snitch!!

Thank You Julianne!!!

An owl landed on my front steps on Friday. It was rather tired from carrying my package from Julianne. She totally spoiled me! Thank you so much Julianne!!! He's a shot of the whole lot. If you can't tell what all is there or you want to see more (you really should see it all) I have posted about how fabulous Juli is on my blog.

Good Job Gryffindor

We pulled ahead!! Good participation!

Quidditch Update

Ladies, thank you so much for your patience :) I have the updated standings :) Hufflepuff is doing very well, I might add.

1st place Hufflepuff ~ 102%

2nd place Ravenclaw ~ 80%
Includes 50 bonus pts. for 100% participation

3rd place Gryffindor ~ 69%

4th place Slytherin ~ 60%

Finding the Snitch is definitely a plus and it's what is keeping Hufflepuff on top, but Ravenclaw is not far behind!!! It's still possible for any of the Houses to take the cup in the last round, so be ready, my friends!! Congratulations Hufflepuffs and Laurie :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I'm a little late with this little cheer
but now the time is drawing near
Quidditch seasons almost done
We won't sleep until we've won!



(Sorry guys for my lack of upbeat cheering! I ended up in the NYC for the weekend with no access to a computer.)

Well done Laurie Ann! Go Hufflepuff!

Laurie Ann you are wonderful! Well done on finding the Snitch despite adverse weather conditions :) All that Hufflepuff Seeker training must have paid off. And a huge thank you to all the Hufflepuffs as we almost got 100% participation again. Hufflepuffs you rock!

The Very Proud Hufflepuff Prefect

The Snitch has been found!!!!

Ladies, I left a comment below that stated my apologise for the confusion with the Snitch graphic. I've been without the internet and have to rely on getting online when I get to work or am at Panera Bread. I have to squeeze HSKS stuff in with all my other internet duties, which include school work. Anywho, I'm sorry that I didn't catch the HSKS2 mistake before I sent it to Lissette. I hope that you will all forgive me. Laurie, however, is our winner!!!! She found the Snitch first :) So, big time congratulations goes to the Hufflepuff House!!!

I've totaled the points, but you'll have to wait until late Sunday night to see the results because I have the cumulative charts on my other computer. I know, the agony of it all!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Problems with the Blog?!?!?

Every time I've gone to look over the last few hours, all I've gotten is a blank page. I get the header and some of the sidebar stuff but that's it. No list of participants, no posts, no snitch updates!
I can read other blogs without problems but not this one.
I'm climbing the walls!!!!!!

Slytherins, come on

If I'm not mistaken, there are still 2 Slytherins who didn't post the trivia yet.... Hurry and post it now, before the snitch is found, we will need 100% house participation if we are still going for the house cup

Yah! my computer is behaving

I have posted

Friday, October 5, 2007

Just by the skin of my teeth I assume!

I got mine in!!!

Go Ravenclaw!

Found Snitch?? Post here!

Hello, ladies! I'm having a bit of internet troubles at the moment. Actually, it's more like endless financial troubles. So, I have no internet at my house, but I do at work and at Panera Bread where I must go to turn in my homework. So, for tomorrow it may be a few hours before I actually post that the Snitch has been found.

Like before, once you find the Snitch please come back to this post and leave a message in the comments. The earliest post will be the winner. So, most of you will probably know before I do :)

Happy Hunting!!

10 Ravenclaws left to post... let's get 100% ladies!

The snitch is due to be released tomorrow sometime in the morning there are still 10/22 Ravenclaw ladies who need to post their trivia answers and scavenger hunt pictures to ensure 100% participation!! Let's make Rowena Ravenclaw proud of her HSKS3 house!!! Two (yep two!) prizes await you if everyone posts their answers before the snitch is released!
Let's get witty Ravenclaw women!

Thank You Betty!

A huge Thank You is owed to Betty from Gryffindor for the fabulous Slytherin package she sent me. I've posted a pic and details on my blog. Thanks again Betty!

Hugs, Tammy your Slytherin Pal

Quidditch Round Two Q&A Done!

This Ravenclaw is spent! My answers to the questions and links to pictures are up.

Let's Get This, Ravenclaw!

Thank you, Hettie. You are my savior. I have worked 60 hours so far this week, and I'm beat. I am offering a gift certificate for $22.00 to Robyn's Nest ( That is $1 for each Ravenclaw there is. :) I just got my first order from her, and wow... I am going to be a busy little Ravenclaw now. So, let's go, Ravies!!! We can get 100% particiaption. Mine will be up tonight. Hettie has her's up now if you want to make sure you got them all right. :)


Mine is up and done, including pic links!!!!

Jen C

Go Ravenclaw!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

With only today to get the answers up before the snitch is released tomorrow, I'm challenging all Ravenclaws to get their trivia posted! If we get 100% Ravenclaw participation, I'll do a drawing for some skeins of yarn from my stash... and I think our wonderful prefect Tia has a prize for the taking as well!! Two lovely gifts for you brainy Ravenclaws if we can get 100%!!!!

My trivia answers and pictures are up... are yours???



Come on, Ravenclaw! We can do it! I missed the last round but my responses are up and I'm challenging the rest of you to do so as well. We need 100%!! ON TO VICTORY!!

Come On Hufflepuffs!

We can do it! Let's get 100% Participation again!

More witty rhymes and songs to come after work. -=giggle=-


Design Contest

I just published a photo of the dishcloth on my blog, the pattern will be published as soon as I have it back from Jenean.

Go Slytherin

let's have 100% participation to help us get closer to the house cup this time... I know we can still make it

Keep up the good work Hufflepuffs!

Let's make sure we hold onto our lead Hufflepuffs and have 100% participation again. You know we can do it! Fingers crossed our extra Seeker training will pay off again too. Go Hufflepuff!

The Snitch will be released . . . .

in the morning on Saturday. Not too early and not too late, so keep your eyes peeled!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

GO Gryffindor!!!

Let's go Gryffindor!!! We need 100% participation and get us out of last place!!!