Monday, October 8, 2007

Quidditch Update

Ladies, thank you so much for your patience :) I have the updated standings :) Hufflepuff is doing very well, I might add.

1st place Hufflepuff ~ 102%

2nd place Ravenclaw ~ 80%
Includes 50 bonus pts. for 100% participation

3rd place Gryffindor ~ 69%

4th place Slytherin ~ 60%

Finding the Snitch is definitely a plus and it's what is keeping Hufflepuff on top, but Ravenclaw is not far behind!!! It's still possible for any of the Houses to take the cup in the last round, so be ready, my friends!! Congratulations Hufflepuffs and Laurie :)


Devin said...

Congrats to Laurie & Hufflepuff! Well deserved! And congrats to Gryffindor for moving out of last place!!!

Neila said...

Good going, Ravenclaw!! We had 100% participation!