Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gryffindor Trivia POSTED

OK Ladies, the trivia is posted at my blog, I also emailed it to each of you- if you haven't gotten it by morning- check your spam folders. This is the prize- so make sure you email me your answers!!!



Valerie said...

Can I play too!? That's pretty yarn! -=giggles=-

Devin said...

Sorry- This is for Gryffindor only! But, it is pretty yarn- I put it up here to make the other houses jealous! ~wink, wink~ Go Gryffindor!

Mary said...

Trivia sent. I did the best I could from memory. My movies are still in storage.

Angela Marie said...

Wow, Fearless Fibers yarn. Almost makes me want to be a Slytherin. But, I am totally loyal to my house. Plus I am lucky enough to live in the city where its made. *sheepish grin* It really is great yarn.