Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thank You Natasha!!

WOW!! I wish I had my camera here at work!! While I was out of town a "fun box" arrived!! Here it is, Sunday, and I am at work, checking emails and opened my box. I KNEW it was good when as I hoped the box I saw some roving!! (I spin too). So, Natash, has spoiled me with the following: (close your eyes and imagine). Some Llama roving - its a lovely dark brown color and some "mystery" roving - a lovely white/beige wool. I can't wait to spin it!! I received a lovely pattern from Fiber Trends - Peak Experience Socks - Along with sock yarn in the most perfect colors of tan, greens, creame, etc. Exactly the yarn I would have picked for myself. Brittany DPNs in size 1.5 and I am ready to cast on!! But the package does not stop here... A book "Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets" - This little lovely is going directly i nto the ole knitting bag!! LOVE IT!!! I also rec'd a cute candle in a tin with a little angel on the lid and 4 row counters (known as candy to muggles) in the following flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate; Vanilla Chocolate; Raspberry Chocolate and Chocolate pecan. Stitch markers that are adorable and the bag - OMG - the Bag (yes, "b" in caps). It is smashingly beautiful. I need the pattern for the bag now too. LOL. I'll post pics, but wanted to thank Natasha for a fab swap box. She out-did herself and I truely feel spoiled!! Thank you thank you thank you..

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Harry Potter Dishcloth design

Here's my design. I will try and get better photos that show the design better, at the moment I am blocking it!!


HSKS Updates!

Hello, ladies!
Just a few more days before the next Quidditch match begins!!! Are you ready?

We've only had one entrant so far, so I think we'll just keep it to one contest this time. Where's the competition??? Don't you know that if you design something with a Harry Potter theme it will be downloaded and used by many??? Come on, girls. Give it a go!


A new Harry Potter themed dish/wash cloth in your House colors OR
Coasters in House Colors (you know, the kind you set your drink on) OR
Harry Potter themed Infant Costume

October 17th

You must present a finished sample as well as a written pattern with pictures of your sample. The finished pieces will be judged by myself and a panel of judges from the swap participants whom I will choose.

A Deadly Yarn: A Knitting Mystery

Friday, September 28, 2007

Thank you Kati!

Your owl post has landed and I'm so excited about all the goodies! I've written more on my blog, but here's a picture of all the goodness.

I have just the BEST upstream buddy...

Isn't this fantastic!!

HSKS #3 Goodies

Click on the image to jump to more pictures!

Thanks Jennifer, you rock!


Paula T. Out Did Herself!!!!

Today I received my awesome packet from Paula. It is unbelievable!!!! A fully gold satin lined knitted bag, some adorable stitch markers, two candles, my favorite dpns-Crystal Palace's bamboo, some of those cool little coil knitting needle holders, a really cool "Autumn Leaves Lace Socks" from Knit Picks and wow, look at that yarn, Aspen Moon Arts Handpaints-Merino in Red Clay. And I can't forget some yummy M&Ms. Thanks so much Paula, I love it all!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Go Wendy!!!

Gryffindor recently completed our latest round of Trivia- and the winner was Wendy- chocolate will be flyer her way soon!!! The next round will be sent out the Sunday after the next round of Quidditch- and you will only have 36 hours to complete it. That round is for a generous skein of sock yarn from the etsy store Fearless Fibers

Melissa S.

Hey there dear. I put in an order for the finishing touches on your package. I still have yet to start the bag but I'll probably dig into that this weekend.



Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kati S. your package is almost ready!!!!

Kati, I haven't forgotten you! I'm just a really bad blogger! I have your package almost ready to ship! We are going out of town and I am going to be looking for the last few special touches! I can't wait to ship it. I will probably be sending it next week!

Hey 'Caren with a C'

You haven't been forgotten! I have my receipt for your sock yarn. It should be here by the weekend or so. I've started and frogged, and started and frogged, and have the next pattern idea for your bag. Blue, silver, and beads, I'm thinking... Hmmmm....
Got some cool beads for stitch markers, too....
Now, to get it all put together....
'Karen with a K'

Psst! Stephanie K

Lest you think I'm not working on your project...

Ravenclaw Stitch Markers


Your package went out via priority Owl about an hour ago. Let me know when it arrives. I expect it'll be no later than this weekend.

I had fun putting it together. I hope you like it.

Paula T.

Tammy M

The owl has taken your package today from Hawaii. There are several green and silver items. No info on my page until you post on yours. Have a great remainder of September.

Hey Hey Paula (S)...


I do have one quick question for you though: Do you want me to wind up the yarn for you into nice little center-pull yarn cakes, or do you want me to send the skeins as is?


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Now unwound and finishing my kit!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Just a quick hello and a note that I'm back from Camp GetAway (for those of you knew I was going...) and posted about it on my blog. Camp GetAway is this amazing camp for "mothers and others" to relax and renew. I'm sure there are one or two or twenty of you who might need something like this!

Anyway, now that I feel like a nice and relaxed bowl of mush, I'll be able to prettily finish Jennifer C's Hufflepuff swap kit! I'll be ordering an Owl delivery for you by the end of the week Jen! I so hope you like everything!!!
Happy knitting and crocheting!! ~Hettie

Oh, P.S...
Ravenclaw Rocks!

Monday, September 24, 2007

OMG! Thank You Renee!!!

Today I got a wonderful surprise Owl delivery straight to my front porch, a marvelous package from Renee! Oh my gosh, she put everything in a beautiful hand made of fabric from her grandmother!! It's just beautiful! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Inside there was a bunch of sock patterns and a guide to knitting lace from patterns, which I'm really excited about because I haven't learned that yet! The sock yarn is GORGEOUS!! It is from the Knittery. I"ve never seen their yarn before, but the yarn is a self striping pink, burgundy and yellow ochre. It's stunning. She also must think my life needs a little guidance :) because she sent me a cool fortune cookie book - and today's fortune is: "Happiness is a direction, not a destination!" She also sent me an excellent deck of palm reading cards (How did you know I collect tarot and other fortune telling decks? I haven't seen anything quite like this one tho!) She also sent me a pack of Susan Bates Quicksilver #2 dpn's - they're so tiny!! (did I mention I've never knitted socks before??) She also sent me 2 boxes of candy! Sno-Caps! I love these! And Goobers! Who can resist chocolate covered peanuts?

But the VERY BEST THING - she sent me stitch markers that are teensy tiny macaws!!! OMG! I love these soooo much!! They are soo adorable!

Thank you so much Renee!! You are the most awesome swap partner around!!


Tease for Karen

An owl is getting fattened up, exercised and prepared for its flight to OH to deliver a little something to Karen. Hopefully by the end of the week that little owl will be ready for its journey. Keep your windows open, Karen, and watch the skies!

In the mail

An owl picked up the swap package to Singapore this morning, it should arrive in about 10 days. I hope Chrissie enjoys the contents, and has fun with the few extras. I can't post on my blog as I don't want to spoil the surprise, but will when I know it has arrived safe and sound.

Looking forward to more fun and games.

Go Ravenclaw!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sneak Peak For Melissa S.

Here is just 2 of the many little goodies I have put in the box for you!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Owl Arrived, Too!!

I received the most fabulaous package from Lucy... a gorgeous Gryffindor bag, Addi Turbos (my dream come true!) candy, Cat Bordi book, Gryffindor yarn, and a beautiful letter. I love you, Lucy.
Thanks a million. XXXOOO

My Owl Arrived!

Devin, I love my package, thank you thank you thank you.. .the bag is just right.. I love it's size, and it's perfect for a small project... :-) The chocolate was scrumptious (yes it's already gone!)... and the colorway is lovely... I am excited to cast on my scarf.. it's such a pretty pattern! :-)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bee Tape Measure

Hufflepuffs!!! I found the cutest little bee tape measure!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm Back Ravenclaw!

I have returned from a fantastic 10 days in Scotland. Thanks fellow Ravenclaws for picking up the slack for me when I was gone. After a good night's sleep to reset my body clock, I'm rested and able to help move Ravenclaw into first place!

I did see the steam engine and viaduct that were the inspiration for Hogwarts Express and the school that MAY have been the inspiration for Hogwarts. Our guide on the City of the Dead tour through Grayfriar's Kirkyard late at night said the school was the inspiration but my daughter, who used to work for Warner Brothers in Consumer Products, she doesn't think that is true. She worked exclusively on the first 4 Harry Potter movies and is a Harry Potter encyclopedia! (Our little secret weapon, Ravenclaw!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sneak Peek for Chrissie

A little peek at what I just finished, I hope you approve Chrissie. If all goes as planned I should have this and a few others "items" heading your way on Monday.

Sneak Peak for Beth

I thought that I would show Beth a sneak peek of the sock yarn that is coming her way :)
Have a great day and Happy knitting!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gryffindor House

Thanks for your participation in Quidditch- as promised- I am emailing all of you our next House Trivia. I will also post it here. Email me your answers- you have 1 week. I will announce the winner Wednesday, September 26, 2007.

Your job is the find your fellow Gryffindor that fits the description.
Betty, Chrissie, Cynthia, Devin, Kati, Lesley, Lissette, Lori, Mandy, Mary, Miranda, Natalie, Natasha, Peggy, Ruth, Sandy, Sarah, Sonserae, Wendy

1. Who makes “Crayon Box” jackets?
2. Who has Harmony needles?
3. Her husband coaches volleyball?
4. Who has chickens in her backyard?
5. Her Meez has a Jamba Juice in her hand?
6. Dressed a baby in a stuffed animal’s costume?
7. She is planning on re-watching Firefly?
8. Who’s patronus is an eagle?
9. Who bought Ginny & Half Blood Prince yarn?
10. Who knit Ambrosia socks?
11. Who has no pictures of her face on her blog, but lots of pictures of her dog?
12. She recently got a puppy named Barney Joe?
13. Who has a golden retriever named Abbey?
14. Signed up for Ravelry on July 18, 2007?
15. Made the “Frenchy” tote?
16. Who has a new niece nicknamed “Taterbug”?
17. Who’s dog, Katie Scarlett, got into her WIP?
18. She has 37 animals (approximately)?
19. She made a checky squares apron?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Teaser for Cynthia

Guess what Cynthia? I've finished up your package and will be shipping it out tomorrow.... Here's a little teaser for you:

Teaser for Natalie M.

Hey Natalie M,

I thought you might like a sneak peek of your bag. It's come a long way since this photo and just needs the last finishing touches. I'm waiting for one last piece of yarny goodness to come and then I'll be shipping your package off.


Teaser for Adele...

.....(insert Rolf Harris impersonation here) Can you guess what it is yet?

Making great progress, hunting down lots of goodies, enjoying the Quidditch.....this is a really great swap.


Blogged with Flock

What is that? hmmmm For Jennifer C.

Hi everyone! This weekend's Quidditch game was excellent fun! Congrats to Mary C. and the Hufflepuff house!
I also want to congratulate my fellow Ravenclaws for moving from 4th place up to 2nd place in the House Standings!

Here is a quick tease for my Hufflepuff swapper Jennifer C.

What is it going to be??? Stay tuned! ~Hettie

Attention!!! Attention!!! :)

Hey, All. Ravenclaws also extend their wise and warm words of wisdom and congrats to Mary C. and Hufflepuff. What a great first round!!! As promised, if we had 100% out of the possible participation (Hi, Neila!!! in Scotland!!!), there would be a prize.

Drumroll, please....

The winner of the stitch markers this round is Bronwyn! Please email me your address so I can have these out to you this weekend.

Next round, the gift will be a gift certificate to one of my favorite online LYS, Robyn's Nest. See

Also, a special thanks to Hettie. She is a fab cheerleader and really helped make sure all of our bookworms put down the book and blogged the trivia. Thank you so much.


Be watching for an owl!!! She should be there by Thursday!!! Yippy!!!!

Teaser for Brooke

Finished your bag yesterday! Your package is almost ready except for the hand made glass bead stitch markers I'm making for you.....I hope you enjoy it!


Slytherin House Winner

Attention Slytherin House:

The winner of the Loopy Ewe $10gift certificate is

Congratulations you lucky Slytherin!!!!!
Please e-mail me with your info: E-mail, full name, and addy!
sallenlouisetx at yahoo dot com

To my other lucky house members, please e-mail me with all your information too. Remember I will have a little surprise for everyone! Thank you to all of you for your participation in the games!!

Congratulations to Mary C. of the Hufflepuffs! Well Done!

I'm so glad to be participating in this fun swap with all of you, ya'll make it fun!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sneak Peak for Jenny

Here's a hint of good things to come for my pal. I give you ONE guess what house she's in. ;)


I would like to extend Gryffindor House's Congrats to Hufflepuff for finding the Snitch and your first place standing. I would also like to thank EVERYONE at Hogwarts that participated in Quidditch, and the search for the Snitch. Gryffindor had all but one member participate. And I am very proud of our house!

I am a bag away from sending my package to Michelle!!! And looking forward to the next round of Quidditch- where hopefully Gryffindor will come out victorious!!!

Gryffindor Prefect

Way to go Hufflepuffs!!!

I am one very proud Hufflepuff prefect this morning. I waited up until 1.30am UK time but couldn't find the snitch so went to bed, and awoke this morning to find that one of my lovely, hardworking Hufflepuffs, Mary C, had turned star seeker and had found the snitch. Well done Mary C! Thanks to you, and to the whole of Hufflepuff House who I am so proud of for gaining 100% participation - you girls are brilliant!

Hufflepuff for the Cup!

Hufflepuff Prefect

Proud to be Slytherin

Ok Ladies even though we didn't get the snitch or first overall We DID get Bonus Points! I'm so proud of all of you for getting the trivia posted and special thanks goes to my helper in that Sonia! We're both very proud of all you guys for full participation! Please Please keep it up I know we can win!


Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hufflepuffs are the very best!
We found the snitch before the rest!



This little cheerleader is PROUD to be called Hufflepuff tonight! Not only did we find the snitch but we got full marks for attendance! That also means that we have one round down, two more to go! Full Participation is key for the drawing, so let's keep it up!

Quidditch Results ~ Drumroll, please!!!

Before I give the totals, I have to say all of you are the best bunch that has participated so far. I have never had this much participation by all of the Houses during any of the other HSKS'. You're wonderful!!! This is the first time ever that two Houses have had 100% participation during a Quidditch match and this is the first HSKS in which Slytherins have participated 100% consecutively. Awesome :) Go, Slytherins! Sorry, had to add that in there.

Okay, ladies, here we go! I'm going to divide the participation points so that you can see how you did during this round of Quidditch and also where your House stands for winning the House Cup at the end of the swap.

Quidditch - Round One

1st place ~ Hufflepuff 100%
PLUS Snitch & Participation Bonus!!

2nd place ~ Slytherin 100%
PLUS Participation Bonus!

3rd place ~ Ravenclaw 95%

4th place ~ Gryffindor 94%

Cummulative Scores*

1st place ~ Hufflepuff 109%

2nd place ~ Ravenclaw 75%

3rd place ~ Slytherin 73%

4th place ~ Gryffindor 72%

Mary, your prize will go out next week!
*Cummulative scores add or subtract the points for the Snitch (150) and possible bonus points for 100% House participation.





Congratulations to Mary C.! She got the url in for the Snitch first. I have to add up all the scores and I'll be back with the House totals in a little bit.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Snitch

Will be released at some point during the day on Saturday (USA time) ~ certainly NOT in the morning. It will be on one of the members pages ~ NOT the first page. And it will NOT be in the comments section of any page. The graphic that you are looking for is similar to this one ~

When you find the Snitch come back to this blog and leave a comment to THIS post. Leave the direct URL where you found the Snitch. The earliest posted comment will be the winner!

We are SOOOOO Close, Ravenclaw.

Okay, we are almost there. FYI, my fellow Ravies... Megan is not in the swap. She had to drop off before we started and was never included. She's just on the site from before that. :) So, then we have Neila who is understandably not posting because she's in amazing Scotland. Caren and Stephanie, can you please post tonight or tomorrow before the Snitch is found? Everyone who has posted, great job. :)

Thanks for having fun!

Scavenger Hunt Pics are posted ;)

That was a fun hunt

Gryffindor & Note to Michelle

16 down and 3 to go!!! Lets get 100% Ladies!!!


Michelle- I made the stitch markers yesterday- I really like them, and I used some of my "embellishment" materials- so your stitch markers will somewhat match your bag. Now, I just need to settle on a pattern- and get sewing. :-) Oh- and I got needles at the LYS yesterday as well- and some of the "appropriate" type of Chocolate! Buying it brought back memories of Germany!

Trivia answers up

One more Ravenclaw crossed off the list.
Oh, and while I'm here... Betty, I found you some lovely hand dyed yarn, done locally, in mostly Griffindor colours. Oh, and I dug out my smocking pleater.... should be an adventure.

Quidditch Trivia Posted

Add another Ravenclaw to the list! My answers are posted on my LJ:

Paula T, I haven't forgotten you - I'm going to a small local fiber festival tomorrow, and I hope to find you some slithery green yarn from an Ohio sheep!

Hi Bronwyn

Update, bag is in progress(love it so much making for my other Ravenclaw swap, hopefully she wont read this, shhh...). Yarn is ordered and all sorts of goodieness is in the works.


Jen C

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hello Wendy

Just wanted to let you know that I'm making progress with your package. I just have to finish knitting your bag and find a nice pattern and some extra treats for you, then I'm ready to ship. I'm sure you will love what I got for you, a teaser will follow soon


Slytherin House is in full participation!
Way to go Slytherins! Professor Snape would be proud!
See, I told you! Look at the smile...half smile....It counts!
Good luck on the drawing for the Loopy Ewe GC!!!!


One more to go!

We can do it!! We can do it!!

Remember 100%!!!

I've posted Trivia & Pics

Go Hufflepuffs!! I've posted my trivia answers and pics. Now to find the snitch!!

Trivia Answers and Pics Finally Posted

So sorry to be late posting, fellow Hufflepuffs! All is well now, answers and photos are safely posted on my blog!


Happy Snitch Hunting!

Let's Get Witty, Ravenclaw!!!

First, hi to Neila. She is off in Scotland living our dreams. To make her proud, we shoud ALL post our trivia and pictures. Since we have the most people, it's harder for us to get 100%. We have 23 members!!! Come on!

A sepcial note to Hettie who is a better cheerleader than I could dream of being. Bless you and may your spells be strong and your words wise.

I have Posted!!!

Go Gryffindor!

Almost There!

3 more to go!!! We can do it!!


13 Ravenclaws done, 10 to go!

Okay Ravenclaw ladies, we've past the halfway mark and I know we can get 100% participation before the Snitch is released on Saturday!

If you haven't yet posted your trivia and scavenger hunt blog, please do so now!

Maybe our fellow Ravenclaw on holiday in Scotland will even get to tour some areas used in the movies... hi Neila!! Post pics if you do. :-)

I got my swap package!

I received my swap package from Jennifer D. today!

Pictures are at my blog.

Thank you so much! I love all of it!


!! We have 5 Slytherins with trivia posted!!! WTG!!!! Good luck on the GC drawing!!


Another one for Ravenclaw!

Trivia and pictures linked to on my blog!

Quidditch--Round One

OK, OK...
I've been a bit busy with Muggle business and classes. Here is my list of answers and picture hunt links. Count one more Ravenclaw House student "complete."

Lily Ravenclaw, of Ravenclaw.


I have posted the trivia on my blog for some hours now

Come on, Slytherins, let's go for the house cup


I'm all posted! I had an attention hound nephew over this morning. But, I got them done.

Go Gryffindor!

Gryffindor Prefect

Trivia Posted


I got my answers posted on my blog! I have a few of the things for my kit already I got the yarn for the bag today and I am going to be dying the yarn for Beth's socks this weekend! I can't wait! Happy knitting!!

Yay Gryffindor!

I have posted my answers and pictures for the Quidditch quiz on my blog. Go Gryffindor!

Let's go Ravenclaw

Allright witty Ravenclaw women...let's give these other houses a run for the cup!

We're the biggest house, so we NEED the biggest participation... commeon ladies!

Hufflepuff Rocks!

What a fantastic House!

Trivia Questions up and posted!

Go Black and Yellow

Alice F.


Just finished and posted my trivia, ready for snitch hunting.

Any Gryfinndors left who have not posted?? Come on, we need to defend the House Cup!

Answers Posted - Go Gryffindor!

Answers posted - Can't wait until Saturday. Yeah for Gryffindor!


Got my Quidditch Trivia done on

Go Go Gryffindor!


Posted some trivia

I don't know if I get the hang of all of this, (I'm new. And Muggle-born. Forgive me) but I've posted my trivia and pictures on my blog here.

Happy Snitch-hunting everyone!

Helga Ackerley

Go Ravenclaw

My answers and pictures have been posted!

One more for Team Hufflepuff!

My answers and links to the pictures are posted on my blog.
Woo Hoo! There's something to be said for insomnia.

Go Badgers!!

Come on Hufflepuff!!!

Go House Hufflepuff!
Go House Hufflepuff!

My answers and pictures are up! Half of Hufflepuff House have managed to get theirs up super quick, so a huge thanks to them all. Come on the rest of you, make sure you get your answers up before the Snitch is released on Saturday.

Hufflepuff Prefect

PS: My poor brain is frazzled by all the bloomin HP fandom that got in the way of me searching for answers. Pah!


My trivia questions are up!, and so are the pictures!

Hufflepuffs have it Going On

I've posted my answers as well

Go Hufflepuffs!!!!


Fellow Slytherins, last night I spent a long time looking up answers for the trivia...As I have yet to read the final installment. Easy now, I know, It's a disgrace, lol!

I posted to all of your blogs last night (this morning)however you would like to look at it, I linked you to my blog....hint hint! Post the trivia q's and pics ASAP! We need all of us to participate...we need to show that the sly Slytherins are #1!!! We have 2 out 8 so far that have posted....Ya'll can do it!

To make it a little more interesting: Attention Slytherins
To all of you wonderful Slytherins that participate, if you post on my blog after you've completed the trivia and scavenger hunt, you will be entered to win a $10.00 gift certificate to Loopy Ewe. Also, I will send each of you a little token of my appreciation! ;)

Let's Play Slytherins!

GO Gryffindor!!!

Let's get all the trivia answers up and get 100% participation!! You have until Saturday!!!

Go Gryffindor!!!

One more Ravenclaw down!

I posted my trivia and pics... come on Ravenclaw!!! Let's get 100% participation!~

Come on Gryffindor!!!

Let's get those quiz answers posted...

A Cheer To Boost the Posting!

Come on other Hufflepuffs!
There is no call for delay

Grab your Remeberalls and thinking caps
And get those questions done today!


Trivia Posted!

Slytherins,I have my answers and pics posted!

COME ON SLYTHERINS, let's win this!!
You know we can do it!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Trivia & Scavenger Hunt

Trivia and Scavenger Hunt answers are up... let's now look forward to seeking the snitch!!

Trivia and Scavenger Hunt

Also done

Bring on the Snitch!

Hufflepuff Rules!

Scavenger hunt

Done and posted. Now for the Snitch....


Design Contest One

Okay! This HSKS is a little special because we will hold two design contests. The second contest will be unveiled next week.

A new Harry Potter themed dish/wash cloth in your House colors OR
Coasters in House Colors (you know, the kind you set your drink on) OR
Harry Potter themed Infant Costume

October 17th

You must present a finished sample as well as a written pattern with pictures of your sample. The finished pieces will be judged by myself and a panel of judges from the swap participants whom I will choose.

A Deadly Yarn: A Knitting Mystery

Hufflepuff Rules!

Hufflepuff is up to the task
Can they do it? You have to ask
Their house rocks, its own horn it honks
After all we have Pomona and Tonks!
So get those questions and find that snitch
Show we rule the 'quidditch pitch'!


Go Gryffindor

Go Gryffindor, you are so bold.
Don't worry, your not getting old!
The Quidditch game is the best in town
Don't ever let it get you down.
Win this for Hermione.
She will be so proud of thee.
Go Gryffindor!

Quidditch ~ Round One

The Snitch has been found!!!

Okay, Ravenclaw!!!

This is our chance. We have plenty of time to answer questions. The Snitch doesn't get released until Saturday. I'll be checking your blogs to see your answers.

Let's make Luna proud!!!
Tanya or Tia (I have a personality complex!)

Calm Down- Don't be Hermione!

The Quidditch is normally posted in the evening- when Jenean has from free time. So breath. Relax. And wait. It will be up soon.

Prefect- Gryffindor House

Quidditch - no Quidditch

So, September 12th has come and gone (in my bit of the world it stopped being the 12th a half hour ago) and no details of Quidditch yet.....this is my first time in HSKS so I'm not sure when questions etc go up?


So does that mean staying up all night waiting to pass the Quaffle and dodge the Bludgers!!!!

Well with Hufflepuffs on either side of the Prime Meridian we have the clock covered! Go Hufflepuff!


Teaser for Sonia

Sonia, I'm collecting and collecting and just about ready to knit... what do you think this is for???

A Teaser in the General Direction of Melissa S.

Melissa: Your sock yarn is here! I hope you like it! In the event that you don't, I am debating on purchasing another couple of things of sock yarn. In the end I think you'll like your package. I went to the sweets shop and got goodies to go inside. A couple more things are on the way. I haven't started the bag yet but I finally have all the materials together. With the right adjustments, all will be set. Pictures to come as soon as I get home from work.

To the Hufflepuffs: As unofficial cheerleader (giggle at the thought), Quidditch starts today!


Hail! to the victors valiant
Hail! to the Quidditch heroes
Hail! Hail! to Hufflepuff
The champions of Hogwarts

-=giggle=- One might wonder what I actually do when I am supposed to be working. Although I can not take credit for that excerpt of song. See here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Teaser for Lucy

HI Lucy!
I sent out your package today and should be at your door if not the end of this week then at least at the beginning of next week. Oh I hope you like everything!

On Another Note:

I want all the Slytherin's to really participate in Quidditch that starts Tomorrow!!!! And I wish I had some incentive other then the glory and gratification of winning the house cup!!!!!! I hope it's enough for everyone I know when I got to put the cup on my blog from the HSKS 2 It was AWESOME! So good luck to all you Slytherin's in finding the Snitch....and everyone else too! Hupe you all have a lovely evening working on bags and kits!

*singsongy voice* Oh, Paula...

...I found the yarn for your scarf :)

Nope, I'm not gonna show you :P

Aaannnnndddd....I know what I'm doing for your bag, and what treats you're getting and EVERYTHING...



Oh Tanya...

I have dyed yarn and found the perfect Ravenclaw yarn in my stash... hmm what's a swapper to do? May just have to send both. Owl sould arrive this week with the items I got by owl order and bag is underway. Won't be long before I send it out with the big brown owl!

Oh Stephanie!!!!!

Can you guess what house Stephanie is in.....?

Yes, we are going for the blue and bronze working from this palette:

I'm thinking this might be nice for one of your socks...and there is another pair yet to come!

Your Hufflepuff Friend,

Holly needs a teaser too!

I thought your package was all ready- except for the yet to be finished bag. Well, then I had a brainstorm for something I'm quite sure you'll like, and then I discovered some needles I thought you might like to try. I have the perfect yarn, pattern, markers and all the other things waiting to be sent on their way. You just have to wait for the owl with the needles to arrive at my house and for me to finish up a little project or two... Then the perfect (I hope) Ravenclaw sock kit will be flying off to your house! Oh, I do hope your cold has gone away too!


Teaser for Natalie M.

Up here in Canada there have been some problems with the owl post coming from the US but I think that everything is all sorted and by the start of next week all of your goodies should be up here and ready to ship. The perfect yarn for a pair of Gryffindor socks should be on the way to you in no time. I've been diligently working on your bag - I hope you like it although I may have taken the Gryffindor theme over the top :) Happy Knitting!!

Teaser for Jennifer R.

I've almost finished your package.... just waiting for the needles and a few goodies to arrive via owl. The kit is ready though with true to form book colors - it's been extremely fun and I just had to make one for myself as well :O). Though I have to admit that I'm a little worried given your craftiness - your Etsy shop has some lovely items.

Thank you Devin!!

Thank you very much for the very very nice set of #3 dpn's!! They are soooo smooth, i just want to sit and pet them. I don't have small dpn's so this is perfect!! The holder they came in is very handy as well! Thank you!

Natasha's your tease...

This may not be much of a tease but imagine this yarn knit into a bag just for you...


I know the colors in this picture are 'not right', but the dark color is Dark Navy, and the lighter color is Soft Gray. The bag is done! I'm waiting on your sock yarn to arrive and to finish gathering the rest of the stuff and this will be in your hands fairly soon.

I have a new plan

I had the house yarn set aside, found the perfect pattern, needles, stitch markers and goodies, and then had to give the yarn away. I ordered sock yarn for a friends birthday, before the end of August, expecting it to arrive last week in order to present it on Saturday, but it never arrived in the mail. I contacted the seller, and we waited a few more days to see what happened, oh no, it was returned to her for insufficent postage, being remailed yesterday. I gave my friend the yarn I had for my swap partner, I had to, no other alternative. I hope to have the replacement yarn by Friday. I am working on the bag, it's taking some thought and practice but I think it will work out rather nicely. As Robert Burns said: "the best laid plans of mice and men................"

Monday, September 10, 2007

Teaser for Devin!

Whilst on my trip a few of your gifties came in the mail. Stitch markers from my favorite maker, some candy from Honeydukes in Hogsmeade. All the busyness with the kids going back to school and me going out of town for my sister's wedding has slowed the process on planning your kit, but I think I'm off to a good start and hope to get some major progress done this week. So, soon you should see some teaser pics!!

Reminder to First Years and Teaser for Michelle

Reminder to all of our first years- please use this space (as well as your blog) to leave notes to your partner about your progress- either on your bag or getting the rest of the kit. It adds to the anticipation- and lets them know that you are making progress. Now, on to my notice:

I got the yarn today- and I have to say that I don't think that I've ever gotten this nice of yarn before. But, I saw it, and I loved it! I think it will work great with the pattern I found. So, fingers are crossed that I'll win the needles on ebay (and fingers crossed that I don't keep them- I won't, but I will be tempted)- cause they are a couple dollars cheaper. But, then it is just to make the bag, get some "treats" and my package will be off! I wonder if Michelle likes dark or milk chocolate? Maybe I'll get both- just to be safe. :-)

Happy Monday!
Gryffindor Prefect

HOUSE NOTE: Gryffindor's next trivia will be in 2 weeks! Keep a look out for an email Gryffindors!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hey Lucy

GUESS WHAT!!!!!! I'm going to be sending your package probably on Monday granting that the campus post office is open and has flat rate boxes I'm so excited for you to get your package I hope you like all the things I got for you and that you won't be disappointed in anything! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Happy Saturday

Having fun dying yarn for my pal. Scouting for fun goodies. Hope every one is having as much fun as I am.

Swap Package

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted my swap partner( Mary-Catherine ) to know that I'm almost done with her package contents and that I'm excited to get it send out to her. I have some finishing touches to complete and finish up with her bag and then the owl can fly!

Go Ravenclaw!

I'm going to be on vacation until the 18th so I'm counting on all you Ravenclaws to fight the good battle while I'm away! I want to come back and find us in 1st place. And...who knows what fun things I may find in Scotland for my partner.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Tease for my Happy Hufflepuff

Happy Friday Everyone!

Just a quick pic tease for Jennifer C. of the Hufflepuff house. I'm still waiting on some goodies to arrive and be completed (patiently waiting for the baby to go down for his nap!), but thought this deliberately little and hard to read picture would be fun and interest sparking.

I hope everyone has a fantastic crafty weekend!!
~Hettie of the Ravenclaw house

Thursday, September 6, 2007


OK, I have knit plain scarves- and I have a lacy scarf WIP. But, I asked a number of scarf/yarn related questions on my blog- if anyone has answers/suggestions I would appreciate it. I found a pattern that I really like, and now I want to go yarn shopping... but... I need help! (Michelle any input you have would be great too!)

Thanks Ladies!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Email Mishap!!!

I do not exactly know how it happened, but the emails that I sent out informing people of their swap parters somehow got the links messed up. So, yes, the link probably leads some people to my website, BUT you may not be my partner :) So, please, please, copy and paste the website address that you got in your email into your browser and you should get the right to your pals website. Sorry about the confusion!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

A Tease for Lucy P.

Hiya Lucy!

I hope your labor day weekend went really well and it's nice weather in Las Vegas! Here's a little tease for you on what I'm working on for you!

Go Gryffindor

I found this while doing the crossword puzzle.

A Sneak Peek!

Hi ya fellow Slytherins and HSK Swappers!!!!! I hope your weekend is a blast!

I have a sneak peek of something I'm doing for Miranda....Can you tell what it is? I'm not telling! I'm hoping it's gonna turn out "groovy" lol!
Have a fun day,
~A Stitch in Time~

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Quidditch & Out of Town

Quidditch consists of 10 trivia questions and 5 pictures that must be posted or linked to. The questions come from any of the 7 Harry Potter books. Most are multiple choice and the pictures can be found through Google. If you have any other questions about Quidditch, please leave them in the comments of this post and I'll answer them. These are the dates that Quidditch will take place.

Quidditch Rounds

Round One - September 12th - 18th

Round Two - October 3rd - 9th

Round Three - October 17th - 23rd

Out of Town
I'll be out of town from Thursday, September 6th to Monday, September 10th. My sister is getting married and she lives in Oregon, so I'll be driving my four kids and myself up there. She's asked me to make the cake for her - I'm pretty excited about that! :) If you'd like to see some of my designs you can visit my Princess Dreams site. I'm still an amateur.

Whose Got Class Spirit ?!?


I was playing around on my computer lastnight and I came up with this.

If anyone wants to show their team spirit, feel free to take one for your blog! If it comes out small, please check out my blog and there you have a full-sized image.


Gryffindor House

Good Morning Gryffindors!
I will be sending out our first trivia/prize opportunity this morning, so be watching your email (in case I come in as spam). It is a Harry Potter crossword- with questions from books 1-6. (Since some of you might not have gotten through book 7 yet) Good luck!!!

The email will have all the details.

Gryffindor Prefect

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Free stitch markers

Hey everyone. I made some stitch markers for my Gryffindor pal and made a bunch of extras cause I had nothing else to do with the supplies. So, if you'd like a set (either for you or for you to pass on to a Gryffindor pal) please enter my little contest. Sorry, no pictures on my blog so I don't ruin the surprise for my pal!!

Go Ravenclaw!!

Greetings to everyone!

I thought I would introduce myself as I am but a Hufflepuff first year. -=wave=- My name is Valerie and I look forward to swapping knitting kits and conversation with you all.