Saturday, September 29, 2007

HSKS Updates!

Hello, ladies!
Just a few more days before the next Quidditch match begins!!! Are you ready?

We've only had one entrant so far, so I think we'll just keep it to one contest this time. Where's the competition??? Don't you know that if you design something with a Harry Potter theme it will be downloaded and used by many??? Come on, girls. Give it a go!


A new Harry Potter themed dish/wash cloth in your House colors OR
Coasters in House Colors (you know, the kind you set your drink on) OR
Harry Potter themed Infant Costume

October 17th

You must present a finished sample as well as a written pattern with pictures of your sample. The finished pieces will be judged by myself and a panel of judges from the swap participants whom I will choose.

A Deadly Yarn: A Knitting Mystery


Dragonsinger said...

While I love the idea behind this contest, I am not adept at creating patterns as I have not been knitting that long. So I don't enter.

Selana said...

I'm working on my pattern right now, I just had to wait for my yarn to be delivered, now I can really make a sample and try to write a pattern...

Anyone volunteering to proof read it for me? It will be even more difficult as I have to write it in another language than my native one