Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thank You Natasha!!

WOW!! I wish I had my camera here at work!! While I was out of town a "fun box" arrived!! Here it is, Sunday, and I am at work, checking emails and opened my box. I KNEW it was good when as I hoped the box I saw some roving!! (I spin too). So, Natash, has spoiled me with the following: (close your eyes and imagine). Some Llama roving - its a lovely dark brown color and some "mystery" roving - a lovely white/beige wool. I can't wait to spin it!! I received a lovely pattern from Fiber Trends - Peak Experience Socks - Along with sock yarn in the most perfect colors of tan, greens, creame, etc. Exactly the yarn I would have picked for myself. Brittany DPNs in size 1.5 and I am ready to cast on!! But the package does not stop here... A book "Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets" - This little lovely is going directly i nto the ole knitting bag!! LOVE IT!!! I also rec'd a cute candle in a tin with a little angel on the lid and 4 row counters (known as candy to muggles) in the following flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate; Vanilla Chocolate; Raspberry Chocolate and Chocolate pecan. Stitch markers that are adorable and the bag - OMG - the Bag (yes, "b" in caps). It is smashingly beautiful. I need the pattern for the bag now too. LOL. I'll post pics, but wanted to thank Natasha for a fab swap box. She out-did herself and I truely feel spoiled!! Thank you thank you thank you..

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Natasha Laity Snyder said...


I'll send you some more roving if you want - I know that was only a small amount. If you spin it, and like it, I'll send some more.