Monday, September 24, 2007

OMG! Thank You Renee!!!

Today I got a wonderful surprise Owl delivery straight to my front porch, a marvelous package from Renee! Oh my gosh, she put everything in a beautiful hand made of fabric from her grandmother!! It's just beautiful! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Inside there was a bunch of sock patterns and a guide to knitting lace from patterns, which I'm really excited about because I haven't learned that yet! The sock yarn is GORGEOUS!! It is from the Knittery. I"ve never seen their yarn before, but the yarn is a self striping pink, burgundy and yellow ochre. It's stunning. She also must think my life needs a little guidance :) because she sent me a cool fortune cookie book - and today's fortune is: "Happiness is a direction, not a destination!" She also sent me an excellent deck of palm reading cards (How did you know I collect tarot and other fortune telling decks? I haven't seen anything quite like this one tho!) She also sent me a pack of Susan Bates Quicksilver #2 dpn's - they're so tiny!! (did I mention I've never knitted socks before??) She also sent me 2 boxes of candy! Sno-Caps! I love these! And Goobers! Who can resist chocolate covered peanuts?

But the VERY BEST THING - she sent me stitch markers that are teensy tiny macaws!!! OMG! I love these soooo much!! They are soo adorable!

Thank you so much Renee!! You are the most awesome swap partner around!!


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