Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gryffindor House

Thanks for your participation in Quidditch- as promised- I am emailing all of you our next House Trivia. I will also post it here. Email me your answers- you have 1 week. I will announce the winner Wednesday, September 26, 2007.

Your job is the find your fellow Gryffindor that fits the description.
Betty, Chrissie, Cynthia, Devin, Kati, Lesley, Lissette, Lori, Mandy, Mary, Miranda, Natalie, Natasha, Peggy, Ruth, Sandy, Sarah, Sonserae, Wendy

1. Who makes “Crayon Box” jackets?
2. Who has Harmony needles?
3. Her husband coaches volleyball?
4. Who has chickens in her backyard?
5. Her Meez has a Jamba Juice in her hand?
6. Dressed a baby in a stuffed animal’s costume?
7. She is planning on re-watching Firefly?
8. Who’s patronus is an eagle?
9. Who bought Ginny & Half Blood Prince yarn?
10. Who knit Ambrosia socks?
11. Who has no pictures of her face on her blog, but lots of pictures of her dog?
12. She recently got a puppy named Barney Joe?
13. Who has a golden retriever named Abbey?
14. Signed up for Ravelry on July 18, 2007?
15. Made the “Frenchy” tote?
16. Who has a new niece nicknamed “Taterbug”?
17. Who’s dog, Katie Scarlett, got into her WIP?
18. She has 37 animals (approximately)?
19. She made a checky squares apron?


Lissette said...

My answers have been sent!

loveyourbag said...

My homework is done!

Betty said...

I've sent you an email.

Devin said...

You ladies are awesome! I got the treats today!!!! I promise to try not to eat them!!!

Mary said...

Do you still want us to post our findings. It was fun

Devin said...

You should email me your findings. (that way other people won't "cheat" and use your answers.