Saturday, September 15, 2007

Quidditch Results ~ Drumroll, please!!!

Before I give the totals, I have to say all of you are the best bunch that has participated so far. I have never had this much participation by all of the Houses during any of the other HSKS'. You're wonderful!!! This is the first time ever that two Houses have had 100% participation during a Quidditch match and this is the first HSKS in which Slytherins have participated 100% consecutively. Awesome :) Go, Slytherins! Sorry, had to add that in there.

Okay, ladies, here we go! I'm going to divide the participation points so that you can see how you did during this round of Quidditch and also where your House stands for winning the House Cup at the end of the swap.

Quidditch - Round One

1st place ~ Hufflepuff 100%
PLUS Snitch & Participation Bonus!!

2nd place ~ Slytherin 100%
PLUS Participation Bonus!

3rd place ~ Ravenclaw 95%

4th place ~ Gryffindor 94%

Cummulative Scores*

1st place ~ Hufflepuff 109%

2nd place ~ Ravenclaw 75%

3rd place ~ Slytherin 73%

4th place ~ Gryffindor 72%

Mary, your prize will go out next week!
*Cummulative scores add or subtract the points for the Snitch (150) and possible bonus points for 100% House participation.

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