Monday, September 10, 2007

Reminder to First Years and Teaser for Michelle

Reminder to all of our first years- please use this space (as well as your blog) to leave notes to your partner about your progress- either on your bag or getting the rest of the kit. It adds to the anticipation- and lets them know that you are making progress. Now, on to my notice:

I got the yarn today- and I have to say that I don't think that I've ever gotten this nice of yarn before. But, I saw it, and I loved it! I think it will work great with the pattern I found. So, fingers are crossed that I'll win the needles on ebay (and fingers crossed that I don't keep them- I won't, but I will be tempted)- cause they are a couple dollars cheaper. But, then it is just to make the bag, get some "treats" and my package will be off! I wonder if Michelle likes dark or milk chocolate? Maybe I'll get both- just to be safe. :-)

Happy Monday!
Gryffindor Prefect

HOUSE NOTE: Gryffindor's next trivia will be in 2 weeks! Keep a look out for an email Gryffindors!


Roland said...


It's Milk Chocolate :-) Please don't send Dark, while I know some can't imagine anything but.. I'd hate for you to spend money on it since I wouldn't eat it :-( I'm getting so pumped about my kit!

Devin said...

Good to know! I am all about dark chocolate- I do forget that some people find it too bitter!