Sunday, September 2, 2007

Quidditch & Out of Town

Quidditch consists of 10 trivia questions and 5 pictures that must be posted or linked to. The questions come from any of the 7 Harry Potter books. Most are multiple choice and the pictures can be found through Google. If you have any other questions about Quidditch, please leave them in the comments of this post and I'll answer them. These are the dates that Quidditch will take place.

Quidditch Rounds

Round One - September 12th - 18th

Round Two - October 3rd - 9th

Round Three - October 17th - 23rd

Out of Town
I'll be out of town from Thursday, September 6th to Monday, September 10th. My sister is getting married and she lives in Oregon, so I'll be driving my four kids and myself up there. She's asked me to make the cake for her - I'm pretty excited about that! :) If you'd like to see some of my designs you can visit my Princess Dreams site. I'm still an amateur.


KnittyWitty said...

Have great time!

Sallenlouise said...

Congrats on your Dear sis wedding!!!
I love the did a great job!
Be safe,
~A Stitch in Time~
~My Tupperware Party~

Tia said...

Quick question... One of my Ravenclaws will be in Scotland during the first round. Will she just miss that round, or is there an opportunity for her to participate before hand? Just curious.

Jenean said...

Oooooo! Unfortunately, no. The trivia will be posted on the 12th, the Snitch released on the 15th, and usually the round ends on the day that the Snitch is released. Once the Snitch is found the trivia questions are removed from the site. I believe she's leaving on the 8th, correct?

Tia said...

Yeah, I think so. Just checking. Thank you though.

Crafty Girly said...

Ok, so today is the 12th and I'm waiting for Quidditch to start, and it still hasn't. When are the questions supposed to be released?