Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let's Get This Done, Ravies!

I know we have some missing in action, but I know of them. So, for all that are able to participate, the gift is a surprise, but it's worth it. I promise.

HOWEVER!!! If we pull into first by finding the snitch or bribing the scorekeeper, the Ravenclaw that does that for us will get a swift and ball winder. :)

Let the fun begin!


Auntly H said...

My answers are up. I'm afraid I can't play seeker this weekend. Good luck Ravenclaws.

Neila said...

There will be little or no sleep between now and Saturday for me! Extra Quidditch practice, you know. I'm determined to find that snitch and put us over the top.

Dragonsinger said...

Bribing the scorekeeper? Seems like somebody needs to be sorted to Slytherin! :D lol

Tia said...

Well, I'm sure we all have a bit of all the houses in us. :) I am competative.