Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Parcel from Germany

I got a parcel from Germany last week - we've had visitors since Thursday (my friend and her two little girls so rather busy!!) . I did take lots of pictures as I was unwrapping the parcel but unfortunately something happened to the camera and my hubby managed to re-format the card thus deleting my pictures grrrr.

So I think I found all the goodies and have taken a photo this morning (there was more chocolate....hahaha). If I've missed anything from the picture I apologise to Yvonne.

She sent some sock yarn which I think she dyed herself which is in pink and yellow, two little knitted bags in a similar yarn (the smaller one is perfect size for my Nintendo DS!!!) the Fawkes pattern which is one I've been thinking of trying for ages and will be perfect for the Gryffndor yarn. She also sent a little booklet of german patterns which has some really cool sock patterns...bamboo dpns, gorgeous stitch markers, bath pearls and german chocs with marzipan (already eaten) and some more dark chocolate (yum!)

Thanks for the parcel Yvonne!

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Devin said...

That's a great package!

Selana said...

I'm so glad your package arrived and you like it