Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I LOVE everything that I recieved and as you can expect all the candy is gone! But I really love everything! I'll admit the sock pattern is a little scary but I think when I finally get done with my Stole I'll be able to do lace socks with beads! The only question I've got is how do I use the big eye thingy? I know it's for threading beads on your yarn but I haven't got a clue how????? Thanks so much for being an awesome partner! PS I love the pens I use them all the time now!!!!!

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Auntly H said...

You're welcome!

For that pattern, you prestring the beads instead of putting them on with the crochet hook like with the mystery stoles of late. So, I sent along the Big Eye... you put the yarn through the needle (the two wires that make up the needle will separate), then you can scoop up beads on the merged end and slide them down onto the yarn.

Does that make any sense? Email me if not and I'll try another explanation...