Monday, October 15, 2007


Hey, Ravenclaw, it's time!
Let's do it one more time.
Let's do our best,
and show the rest
exactly how it's done!


Let's get 100% again and find the next snitch!


Julianne said...

Sorry to let all you ravenclaws down but I may not be able to post for the next round of quidditch. I am going to Rhinebeck and will most likely not have internet access. I'll try my hardest to post before I leave if the questions are posted early enough before my flight leaves.

Laurie said...

There should be a "free pass" since it is Rhinebeck. What do you say prefect?

Neila said...

I agree! I had to miss the first round because I was in Scotland. I think being in Rhinebeck counts as a legit excuse.

CelticMommy said...

I'll be in Vermont and New Hampshire during Quid#3 but will post as soon as I can... Have a fantastic time Julianne!!!! ~Hettie

Neila said...

Have fun Julianne and Hettie! I'm getting the itch to go somewhere. It will most likely be to CA for our annual Girls' Weekend at Disneyland.

Tia said...

You all may relaxed. For the prizes that I give out, vacations that are announced or absences that can't be controlled are forgiven and not held against the group. :)

Keep knitting, Ravies!