Monday, October 22, 2007

Congrats to my fellow Hufflepuffs & I'm Sorry

Greetings Fellow Hufflepuffs and congrats on winning the cup. Second, let me appologize for being MIA this weekend. Yes, I posted twice on Friday once at 11 or so and later at about 6p. I was at work until 7 or 8p.m. and then cleaning out the inlaws house until 11p Fri/Sat and Sunday nights. I completely missed any posts over the weeekend - and I am sorry that we did not have 100% participation due to me.

While I am not posting excuses, I just wanted to let you know I was not pool side goofing off - I just had "life stuff" that had to be dealt with - again, I am sorry.

This has been a really fun swap group and I am having fun reading posts, blogs, etc. I just don't want any of my fellow housemates to think I am a total looooozzzzer for my lack of participation.

A quick blog post of a cut and paste email may have lead you to believe I was here and in front of my computer over the weekend.. nope - I had to cancel out on Knitting Circle and a class at my LYS that was paid for - again sorry for being the cause of less than 100% participation. Literally, tons of personal things have had to be cancelled or postponed due to family issues that are at "critical mass" this week. Just thought ya'll would want to know.