Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Snitch has been found!!!!

Ladies, I left a comment below that stated my apologise for the confusion with the Snitch graphic. I've been without the internet and have to rely on getting online when I get to work or am at Panera Bread. I have to squeeze HSKS stuff in with all my other internet duties, which include school work. Anywho, I'm sorry that I didn't catch the HSKS2 mistake before I sent it to Lissette. I hope that you will all forgive me. Laurie, however, is our winner!!!! She found the Snitch first :) So, big time congratulations goes to the Hufflepuff House!!!

I've totaled the points, but you'll have to wait until late Sunday night to see the results because I have the cumulative charts on my other computer. I know, the agony of it all!

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