Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My owl arrived - thank you Neila!!

(I apologize in advance for the long post but I'm so excited!!)
My son was headed to Washington DC this morning so he had to be at school at 5am. I am not a morning person. DH's out of town so it was up to me to get us up. I did it. My other son and I saw him off, grabbed some McD's and then headed back home. I've felt kind of crummy the past couple of days so I called in to work and crashed on the couch. I slept till 10 when the lawn equipment was fired up (I live in a condo so someone else has to worry about all that stuff!). Since we've had no rain this year, everything is brown and most folks say they have only had to mow once or twice all season. I'm not sure what they did out there but they woke me up.
Watched some trash court tv shows and knit and puttered.
Eventually, I heard the mailperson out at the mailboxes and, just in case I hadn't heard, Ditz made sure he barked at her. And barked, and barked... I yelled at him but he does not care.
As I left to head to the store, I almost tripped over a package left on the steps! 'Stupid Dog' had tried to tell me but I was the one who wouldn't listen. My little owl had made it! Neila's training was successful!!
Ditz (a.k.a. 'Stupid Dog') checking out the owl scent:

The first peek at Hufflepuff yellow:

And then...

And out of the box after all that traveling:
(a couple of pockets outside and several inside, including a zippered one!) Absolutely gorgeous. I think my Market Squares bag has just been replaced.

A peek inside:

All the wonderful goodies out in the sunshine finally:

And unwrapped:

Harmony DP's from Knitpicks - I can't wait! With a storage tube and adorable little bee tape measure I've only seen in the catalogues.
Interweave's Favorite Socks - what pattern to choose??
A set of 6 stitchmarkers with shimmering hearts (I've been known to be fond of hearts, how did she know?).
She even included and extra Pay It Forward surprise off my wishlist (White lies Designs Collette pattern).

The yarn is a handdyed treasure called 'Cosmic Fibers' from etsy of 75% superwash, 25% nylon in color "Hufflepuff 1st Year."

There were times I worried about the yellow and black theme. Cincinnati v. Pittsburg. Steelers are not welcome here. Also, don't want to look like a bee. But the colors Neila found are great! They are black and yellow but a little more on the sedated side, more classical than comical. She couldn't have done better if I'd given her a list!

'Karen with a K"


Piglottie said...

What an amazing parcel! I adore the yarn :)

Neila said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the owl delivery. I'm always a little anxious that people won't like my choices. The bag was particularly fun to make for you.