Thursday, August 30, 2007

So Excited!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!!

I'm so happy for this round of HSKS and sorry it took me so long to post on the site but I've been so busy with my classes starting yesterday and it being like a 100 degrees here in the NortHwest which personally I wish it would hurry up and start raining! Well I just wanted to wish everybody luck in finding their goodies for their partners and to wish My house

Luck in winning the house cup this time! We should really break the Gryffindors winning streak! I've been thinking about what to do as far as contest and stuff for the house but seeing as I'm not all that savvy with computers to put stuff up and the Head Madame has already had the great idea of a picture scavanger hunt and trivia I'm not sure what else to do so if you have an idea let me know through comments on this post and will see what I can do through prizes but I'll warn about my small college budget so it might be something homemade!

Well good luck to all the houses!

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