Friday, August 31, 2007

Calling all Hufflepuffs!

As I mentioned in my recent email, I have an incentive for all the Hufflepuffs out there to make sure we stand the best chance possible of winning the House Cup. We nearly achieved 100% in the HSKS3 Logo trial, but not quite. So, I'm putting together a superb prize which will include the following (plus a few more extras):

A skein of luxury sock yarn from a very talented UK independent dyer. What makes this extra special, is that you get to liaise with the dyer yourself to come up with your own choice of colourway.

Some of the cutest stitchmarkers ever!

Some Harry Potter handmade cards.

Plus some other treats that will be a nice surprise :)

I'm going to award the prize at the end of HSKS3 to the person who earns the most house points (and in the case of a tie, I will award the prize to the person I feel has contributed the most to House Hufflepuff). So come on Hufflepuffs, lets win that cup!!!

Adele - Hufflepuff Prefect

ETA: I know some people have not received emails due to spam filters. Hufflepuffs should have received 2 from me up to now, so if you haven't please either email me or leave a message here (or on my blog). Thanks!

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