Thursday, August 30, 2007

House Points - HSKS Logo

Time to post some early points! These points will only be added one time, so there is no further opportunity to earn these. It's a rather nice indicator, however of how well your House is tuned in to the swap events, but by no means is it an indicator of who will win the House Cup!! During the first HSKS the Ravenclaws led the way through most of the swap, but lost in the end due to little participation in the last round of Quidditch, and the Gryffindor's success in finding the Snitch during one of the rounds of Quidditch. And now, without further adieu!!

1st Place ~ Slytherin 100%

2nd Place ~ Hufflepuff 91%

3rd Place ~ Gryffindor 79%

4th Place ~ Ravenclaw 74%

Points are reflective of the percent of House participation in the given activity and they are cumulative throughout the duration of the swap.


Sallenlouise said...

Congrats to everyone!

CelticMommy said...

Commeon Ravenclaw... let's boost that participation!
:-) Happy Friday Everyone!

Kati said...

Let's go Gryffindor -- Post your questionnaire's so we can boost our numbers for the next one! We need to hold up our prior winning record.

Tia said...

Okay, Ravenclaw!!! If I get 100% participation in each contest, I'll give away a goodie to a random Ravenclaw. So, let's start with stitch markers. Next time, we will be at 100% and I'll be mailing one smart cookie 5 handmade stitch markers. Pass the word!!!