Friday, August 31, 2007

Questions from my Inquisitive Ravenclaws

Hey, Jenean! My curious minded Ravenclaws have some questions I thought I would post here for answers in case other houses wanted to know too.

Will the Snitch be a photo or just "snitch"?
The image will be similar to this one:

Will/can it be in the side bars or just the main content of blogs?
It will be on a page within the blog - not the main page.

One of the blogs in not in English. Is there a way to translate that?
That would be Yvonne's site. Generally what swappers from other countries do is when they post about HSKS content they post in English. They know that the majority of the participants are English speaking. If you check her blog now you'll see that she posted the questionnaire in English. Thanks, Yvonne!!!


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Selana said...

during the swap I will try to post bilingual, that will help you to understand and everything will still be there in German for my german readers that don't speak english