Monday, November 19, 2007

Thank you Nancy!!!

I just got the most amazing package ever!! It had to take a layover in NY for about 2 weeks since I'm in the process of moving, but my owl made it here unscathed.

Nancy, you went above and beyond. Here's a picture of the whole lot:

There's a beautiful messenger felted bag, a snitch dishcloth, Harry Potter candy, bath potions, bamboo needles, stitch markers with a case, Razzy Tazzy superwash yarn, and a Cookie A pattern. I really can't believe how amazing everything is!! Check out the full details in my ramblings here.

This is my first swap (concurrent with the Secret Pal 11) and it was fantastic. Thanks to everyone for making this such an enjoyable experience. A special thanks to my pals, Nancy and Sarah!!!

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