Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Owl has landed

Saturday evening, I was playing outside with my wee ones and realized a big owl had landed right by the side of my house (that's where the owls hide if we're not home when they land.) It was my HSKS3 box!

Mary's amazing package left me speechless! I still haven't stopped ooohhing and aaaahhhing over this beautiful Ravenclaw grey and blue bag that she made! It's just perfect for a book and yarn carrying chick like me...

Then there is that gorgeous yarn she dyed herself! And the sock pattern.... the stitch markers, nine of them... and let's NOT forget those amazing Brittany needles and still more other wonderful and thoughtful goodies!!



1 comment:

Mary said...

Hettie, I am glad you liked it. Once again I am sorry the purse
didnt turn out like the pattern. You could wash it one more time and maybe it would. I was afraid to because it changed so much every time.I hope we can stay in touch, I have enjoyed this swap very much;)