Monday, December 10, 2007

Thank You, Laurie Ann!!

Upon arriving home after a long, cold, tiring day I found a package on my front step. What a great reward for making it through another Monday. I love what you sent me, Laurie Ann! There is GORGEOUS yarn from Knit Piks in Ravenclaw soft! A set of Brittany needles in size 3 and wonderful ebony needles in size 1. Brittany is one of my favorite brands. I've never tried the ebony needles so it will be fun to have something new to experiment with.

And then there is the book Knitting on the Road. I immediately had to sit down and perruse that. I think I've already picked out the socks I am going to knit with the Ravenclaw yarn. I SO want to start tonight but there are those Christmas gifts I have to finish first! I'm still a novice sock knitter, but this book makes me aspire to be an "expert". Laurie Ann also included some beautiful Ravenclaw stitch markers. I really love the deep colors in the markers.
But...the very, very BEST part of the whole packages were the MINNESOTA VIKINGS STITCH MARKERS!!! YES!!!! I can take them to the games with me and they will match my purple sweatshirt and purple and gold beads and Vikings hat! (Skoal, Vikings! Let's win this game!)
You are the best, Laurie Ann! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

Those are so awesome!!! Go Vikings!

muffy said...

awsomne I love harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!